trimethylacetyl chloride

trimethylacetyl chloride

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Chemical Name : trimethylacetyl chloride

CAS No : 3282-30-2

Details :

Pivaloyl Chloride
Other names: Pivalyl chloride, trimethylacetyl chloride or 2,2-dimethyl propionyl chloride
CAS No: 3282-30-2
EINECS No: 221-921-6
Molecular formula: C5H9ClO
Molecular weight: 120.5774

Physicochemical Properties:colorless or yellowish transparent liquid,
with flash point at 19 °C,
boiling point at 105 - 106°C,
melting point at -56°C,
relative density of 0. 979- 0. 982(at 20°C),
heat release in contact with water, alkali, alcohol or oxidant.

Package: Polypropylene(PP) reinforced drum with net weight of 200kg/drum.

Quality Index:
Colorless or straw yellow liquid.
Concentration of Pivaloyl Chloride: ≥99.5%;
Concentration of Pivalic Acid: ≤0.25%;
Concentration of Pivalic Acid Anhydride: ≤0.25%;

1. Production of ampicillin, amoxicillin, cephazoline, cefradine, ceftezole,cefaclor,cefteram pivoxil and cefetamete pivoxil in pharmaceutical industry,
2. Producing Clomazone in agriculture chemical industry.

pivaloyl chloride trimethylacetyl chloride
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